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In March of 2011 my wife and I quit or jobs, cashed in our chips and left the big city behind to move to our farm hidden away in northeast Georgia. These are our observations on the news of the day and our adventures in homesteading, becoming self reliant, prepping and living a simpler, more fulfilling life.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drone Technology Comes to the Prepper

Yes, now even the lowly civilian can access drone technology for their own security.

Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer Kit With Scorpion Motors

Product Description

The Gaui Quad-Flyer was designed based on UAV , which emphasizes the advantages are: Flight Efficiency: Standard Battery) time of flight for more than twelve min, with a high capacity battery, the flight time will be more than twenty min or more (available spreadsheet calculation). Excellent wind resistance: the efficiency and load of propeller are perfectly optimized, so the wind resistance will be better than general electric aircraft. High stability: contains GU (three axis stabilizing system) for the beginner or the FPV flying, it is a very stable Vehicle. Additional payload capabilities: payload up to seven hundred grams (including battery), can freely install cameras and video recorder, and other general system. System Extensibility: can be used with GPS positioning system and navigation system on the Quad Copter without any change. Operation mode and flight characteristics with the same helicopter, but no complex transmission. Collapsible body design, greatly reduces the damage rate, which can be repaired easily without adjustment.

The First Quadricopter Controlled by iPod touch/iPhone/iPad/Android Devices
The AR.Drone remote-control quadricopter is a groundbreaking device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling, video gaming, and augmented reality. The AR.Drone is remote-controlled by your device (see compatibility below) and features a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter. The AR.Drone can also be used in video games, such as AR.FlyingAce, a dogfight between two AR.Drones.

screen shot A.R. Drone

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